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Lumens per watt. Why does it matter?

Higher the wattage of a bulb, the brighter is the light. The statement holds true for the almost extinct incandescent bulbs, however, it’s not relevant in case of LED lighting. The efficiency of an LED bulb is measured in ‘Lumens per watt’ which shows how much light or lumens a bulb is capable of producing using one watt of electricity. To better understand the concept of Lumens per watt, we first need to understand the difference between a lumen and a watt.

Smart tips to slice your home cooling costs

With energy costs skyrocketing, smart consumers of today are seeking different ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and benefit from substantial savings. Since India is a hot tropical country, there is a huge demand for in-home cooling devices such as air conditioners, air cooler and ceiling fans round the year. Cooling your home accounts for a major chunk of the monthly utility bills, as people usually opt to beat the heat with ACs, which consume a lot of energy. However, you can follow some simple and smart tips to trim your home cooling costs and your stress as well without picking on your pockets for expensive home upgrades.

If you think fans have got to be noisy, think again!

We live in an environment where we are exposed to different types of sounds on a daily basis. While these sounds have become a part of our life and hardly bother us much, it is important to understand that regular exposure to higher sound levels can lead to serious health consequences. Some of the widely known health effects of noise pollution include headaches, stress, sleeping disorders and hypertension.

Key factors to consider when buying a storage electric water...

The mere thought of cold morning showers in the winter season is more than enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. Leave aside bathing, just imagine using freezing cold water for washing dishes, doing laundry and other regular household chores. Feeling the chill already? Trust me, there is nothing more comforting than having hot water at your disposal at all times during the winters, which makes water heaters a must-have in Indian setting.

What does BEE rating for LED bulbs mean to consumers?

The lighting industry in India is on the verge of a major transformation. Increasing energy awareness, technological advancements and government backed initiatives has significantly fuelled the LED adoption rate in India. Considering the myriad of benefits offered by LEDs including energy savings, long life and design flexibility, Indian consumers are now choosing LED lights over their conventional counterparts. Replacing an incandescent bulb with an LED Bulb saves you around Rs. 318 a year while reducing around 51.5kg of CO2. Now imagine how much you could save by replacing all bulbs in your home. Huge savings…right?

Cleaning tips for ceiling fans

The Indian summer is in full swing and so are the ceiling fans in households across the country. Your ceiling fan keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the season, so it makes good sense to maintain it properly to ensure trouble-free performance. Like other home appliances, a ceiling fan also requires regular cleaning, which in turn adds to its beauty and longevity.

LEDs are affordable now, offer energy savings of more than 8...

The lighting landscape in India is changing fast with the wide acceptance of LEDs as the first choice across various fields and applications. With LEDs offering an array of advantages including energy savings, longevity and greater design flexibility, lighting has moved from necessity to a lifestyle requirement in the present day. Earlier, the LED adoption rate was quite slow owing to high initial costs but increasing popularity of LED lighting and Indian government plans to make it mainstream have led to significant reduction in costs.

Key factors to consider when buying a ceiling fan

Buying a ceiling fan seems as easy as it could be, but there is more to it. With so many fan designs and styles available on the shelves, choosing the right one that suits your space and personal preferences could be overwhelming. Whether you are remodelling your house or simply want to replace your existing ceiling fans, it is very important to invest in fans that could prove to be true value for your money. Let us discuss a few important things homeowners should keep in mind when buying one for their homes.

Bring home Orient Electric air coolers to experience cooling...

Now that the scorching summers are here, you might have already started using your air conditioner to survive the heat. With ACs turned on, the monthly electricity bills skyrocket like anything and that is a nightmare for most homeowners. However, rising temperatures do not have to translate to soaring utility bills. If you want to keep your home cooling costs low without sacrificing on comfort, one good alternative to choose air coolers over air conditioners. If you happen to live in an area that experiences hot and dry climate, switching from an AC to air cooler is the most economical option.

Get Winter-Ready: Quick tips to save on water heating costs

Now that the winter is well on its way, heating costs are likely to jump significantly for most households. After heating and cooling, it is the water heating that accounts for a big chunk of your monthly utility bills. With temperatures dropping, you will be using hot water for bathing, washing dishes, doing laundry and many other regular household chores. While it’s not possible to cut down the water heating costs altogether, it makes good sense to look into ways that can put some ice on your rising winter heating bills.

How to address the most common ceiling fan problems

How to address the most common ceiling fan problems

Nothing can be more annoying than entering your home on a scorching summer day only to find that your ceiling fan has suddenly stopped functioning. While you can always hire an expert to do the job, it won’t hurt to troubleshoot the problem yourself and save some money on the repair costs. Some of the most common ceiling fan problems include wobbling, excessive noise and non-functional lighting. If you find any of these issues, it is better to address them at the earliest, so that they do not develop into bigger problems that could pick on your pockets.

Beat the winter blahs with nutrient-rich juices

All that comes to one’s mind usually when talking about winter is blankets, fireplace, hot chocolate and more hot chocolate. The arrival of the bone-chilling weather brings with it the exasperating seasonal dilemmas and makes you more prone to cold, flu, infections and a slew of other health disorders. However, you can easily keep the winter woes at bay by boosting your immune system. How about some healthy vegetable and fruit juices? That might make you shudder, but believe me, seasonal juices can really work wonders for your health. I have myself tried juices in winter and it really does make you feel more active as you get all the necessary minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help improve the immune system.